Wednesday, April 29, 2020

How to Keep Your Muse Smiling During Writer's Block

Just a warning, I intend to make this short and sweet. Recently life has taken on many different tracks simultaneously and it has been a little difficult to keep track of each of those paths. For some months now my family and I have been pushing to finish renovating our current home while developing a plan to move to an entirely new location once the renovation is finished. As a result, some of my undertakings have had to be placed on a temporary hold. I have nonetheless kept after the ever-driving battle to remain connected with my precious writing. Each day I spare a few moments to study my writing and stay on track so when I can resume my work I will not be lost. I suffered this loss once before and was forced to completely restart my novel.

Such is the main purpose of this post. No doubt some of you have suffered similar travesties. It is easy enough to understand the frustration that goes with this quandary. There are ways to avoid the permanent damage that forces us to erase weeks and, on occasion, months, of hard work and valuable time. No to mention the strain of cutting that emotional connection every writer feels to their masterpiece. Start by setting aside a small piece of your schedule, no matter how small, to at least review your current piece. Even if you cannot find the time to add to your work, the act of reviewing will help you to keep a small connection. Also, keep notes- a lot of notes. These will be your life-blood in the long run. All of us understand the tiniest details count. Last, but certainly not least, read books of the same genre. Not only will this relax you in those times you need it most it will also help keep your juices flowing. 

I hope I have been able to help you through your troubles!

Best wishes,


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