Monday, January 28, 2019

Old or New- which do you prefer?

Some people call me crazy for my addiction to antiques- especially the part about restoring them. The idea of spending six months on your hands and knees off and on, refinishing a hutch probably sounds like the poetry of an insane person. I can now honestly say it has served me well! Having recently installed new wood flooring we were convinced the job was done, but low and behold the protective finish didn't take. As a result, I have spent the better part of the last two weeks using those same skills I garnered refinishing furniture to revive the "new" look of our floor. The best part about it is the finished product. Similar to the joy I feel when I have finished a book, I smile when I look at the glossy finish. Not to say it won't be a relief to have the project done with. I'll take the vision of a handsome hero any day of the week to the vision of a successful home renovation! Which look do you go for modern or historic?