Saturday, April 21, 2018

Taking A Dive

It's been approximately a year since my family and I moved to a new home. Since that point nothing has gone in classic order. Of course, when you take into account the fact that my whole life has been a storybook in one form or another, it's not entirely surprising. Between piecing together another book one puzzle piece at a time and redecorating a house this has been frustrating at times. Prior to the move I always had more then enough time to focus my attention on one thing. Nonetheless I am slowly making progress in both fields.
I'm coming to find that as bad a rap as the trait has, stubbornness can be as positive as it is negative. It all depends on the setting. This realization came some months ago when I threatened to restore an antique hutch for the house. I told my dad and my son, "It'll only take a couple of weeks. It's well worth the $125 bucks!" Three months later the task didn't seem quite so simple, nonetheless I was thrilled that I had seen it through. That said, this is the same quality that keeps me pushing two things at once. I apologize for the extended time frame for the publication of this book- it is a first and, I can promise, a last. In the meantime here is a little casual reading to keep you busy: Recently I started working with this magazine. It seems they published the articles under my everyday name, Randi Fosse. I hope you enjoy the reading! Feedback is always welcome.

Happy Reading!

- Adrienne Davenport