Thursday, December 13, 2018

A Recipe For Holiday Fun

Though it may sound just a little cliche', Christmas really is my favorite time of the year. It seems like everything around me tends to go on hold when December 1st comes around, but I don't mind. All the catching up afterward never fails to be worth the fun! One of my favorite traditions is the cookies and candy- hence the early start. Actually, for quite a few years no one would have rightfully trusted me with a cooking spoon and I don't blame them for a moment. The year my grandmother passed away however all of that changed. Everyone else was too dejected at her passing to want to cook. Though I wasn't sure I could do the job, I knew she wouldn't want the Christmas spirit to fade so I took the risk. Ever since that year, I have continued to cook many of the same recipes she did and many others. For anyone interested, I am listing a few links to some of my favorite holiday goodies. I'd love to hear what you think!

Almond Roca:

Irish Cream Fudge:

Bounty Balls:

Sugar Cookies:

Merry Christmas everyone!