Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Ideal Imperfections

When a writer sets out to design the ideal hero or heroine, they often begin with a vision of a tall, dark, and handsome millionaire or a masculine knight in shining armour. At the end of the day, however this glorified lady-killer isn't entirely what we usually end up with. Just as important as Casanova's strengths are his faults. A fact commonly overlooked by the broader audience. Without these flaws however big or small they might be our hero would be too perfect- or to put it plainly, downright boring. Though this may come as a surprise to some, these faults play a strong role in creating the strong, dashing, dreamboat we often imagine ourselves standing beside or sitting across from at dinner. Human nature in itself is a far reach from perfection. For some our short-coming is a streak of stubbornness for others it is a lack of self-confidence, or perhaps a dash of arrogance. By themselves these traits may seem debilitating, before you jump to this conclusion however stop to consider, as much as that stubbornness causes dissension, it also might be the very catalyst that drove prince charming to amass his riches. Perhaps that lack of confidence drew our heroine to take a job at the firm where Mr. Millionaire reigned rather then accept a higher position and in doing meet her hero. That arrogance, so frequently held in contempt might be the very trait that drew him to a woman with as strong a personality as he himself possesses.
Take the classic plot of "Kate and Leopold". A prime example of this concept, the story begins with Kate's over-obsessive ex-boyfriend, Stuart taking a stroll in the past. Were it not for his extreme obsession Stuart never would have found the crack in time, hence halting the rest of the plot. Leopold, the dashing hero of the story, was undeniably handsome. If you stop to take a closer look however, he was also overconfident and obstinate. These key features frustrated his uncle and served to create an enjoyable subplot- not to mention helped to determined the film's romantic ending.
It goes without saying, when we close our eyes and envision our ideal mate, obstinance isn't usually the first quality that comes to mind, but it is just as important as your dream lover's shining eyes and endless charm. It may even become one of their most defining features. Take this into consideration the next time you go to pick up a pen and enjoy creating your Romeo.

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