Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Chaos At It's Best

I once believed there was only one kind of chaos- that which is comparable to chronic Pneumonia. It drains your energy and impedes your progress. Now, however, four nieces, three nephews, and a son of my own later, it's amusing to realize just how wrong I was. With the past few months came a title wave of activity. Near the end of December I was on the verge of elation. My webpage was almost completely redone and the extensive character map I'd been working on for a month was nearly finished. Unfortunately things always come in threes. In my case the three happened to be a nearly irreparable computer crash, my dad going in for a serious surgery two days later, and a few unplanned trips that completely forestalled any forward movement.
Convinced fate was having some fun playing with my sanity I tried everything I could to divert my frustration from rereading my favorite book in the hopes of distracting my mind to constantly burning through my phone's battery in the hope of eeking out one tiny detail or another. When in the midst of the craziness I learned our family was gathering together for a post Easter celebration I was truly thrilled to hear it though already resigning myself to another few days without progress. By the end of day one I was so busy wandering about watching the kids that I could barely sneak a glance at the internet and by day two the kids were so wild and entertaining I'd started to not really care. It is this kind of chaos, briming with laughter and disorder, that is sometimes the best remedy for the pressure that comes with life and more often then not from ourselves. Though I am happy to be back on track, finally moving in the right direction once again, I am equally happy to have experienced the smiling tumult that lead me here.

Wishing you many smiles and warm laughter

- Adrienne Davenport