Dishonorable Intentions:
     A spellbinding read, Dishonorable Intentions will capture your attention from the start and keep you wanting more.

-Janelle Taylor, NY Times Bestselling Author

"From the moment the dashing, arrogant Duke of Thistledown attempts to rescue young Jezebel, Countess of Kinley, on her runaway steed, he determines he must have her. Secrets and mayhem abound in Ms. Davenport's spirited debut novel, DISHONORABLE INTENTIONS."

~ Leslee Breene,
Award-winning author of Hearts on the Wind and Starlight Rescue

"Adrienne Davenport, a promising new talent, delivers a strong debut novel, Dishonorable Intentions, with an interesting plot and engaging characters."

-Patricia Grasso, National Best-Selling Author

"Ms Davenport has captured the era. Wonderful story. A great read."

-Brita Addams

Dishonorable Intentions by Adrienne Davenport is the story of a powerful duke and his determination to win the woman who has stolen his interest. Thirty year old, Aiden, the Duke of Thistledowne, is bored, listless and tired of the women of the ton, who only long for a proposal of marriage and throw themselves at his feet. But all this changes the day he sets his eyes on Jezebel, the fiery Countess of Kinley. After a chance encounter in Scotland where sparks fly between them, Aiden is determined to make the beautiful girl his own.  Not knowing her name, Aiden hires a private investigator to find her, and little does he know that when he does find her, his life would never be the same again. Until now Aiden has always enjoyed the hunt…solely the hunt and the chase. This time may be different for the handsome rake. The Scottish countess managed to capture his interest, but is she woman enough to steal his heart? I thoroughly enjoyed finding out.

       Adrienne Davenport does a marvelous job of transporting us back to an exhilarating time when those in the haute ton of London society basked in the splendor of masquerades balls, afternoon teas, and everlasting romance—and I, for one, loved every minute of the delightful journey!

-Maggie Dove

    Dishonorable Intentions by Adrienne Davenport centres on a highly capable yet stunning heroine full of spunk, and a dashing, titled hero that you could just slap, he’s so arrogant.  Needless to say sparks fly when these two collide and the reader is taken on a journey full of twists and turns as the intricate plot unfolds in the sumptuous settings surrounding the elite of nineteenth centaury Britain.  Get ready for plenty of banter and high emotions in this full-bodied tale of love.  Adrienne Davenport has done more than kept within the confines of the romance genre, she has relished in all the frills and fancies of the genus.

-Fiona Law

Wonderful characters, lush style, compelling romance, great
storytelling--when you read this romance your everyday world will

-Ann Major
USA Bestselling Harlequin Desire author