Friday, August 27, 2021

The Color of Passion

What you wear can set the tone for the rest of the night. At some point most of us have heard this tip just prior to satisfying our urge for dinner with an alarmingly handsome charmer. In itself this piece of unsolicited advice can sound a little exorbitant, but it isn’t entirely untrue. Remember that day wandering through the grocery store you happened past the girl with the glowing yellow sundress? You couldn’t resist stopping for a second glance. Or perhaps the relaxed evening as you lingered in the bar? How could you forget the quirky sports cap sitting askew atop the man beside you? It caused you to burst out laughing. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could choose what reaction you incite in your date? Here are a few faultless methods.


Wear red. This fiery option made its name centuries ago as an instigator of energy, love, excitement and passion. An attention grabber in its brilliance, you are in no danger of going unnoticed. If you are already lucky enough to be graced with hair in the lustrous color, opt for a little darker tone to offset your beautiful gift. No matter what dazzling shade you choose, your ensemble will seduce your partner on sight. It will draw them in before you even have the chance to speak.


Thinking of going with a long gown for a sense of graceful elegance? Maybe you should reconsider. Though this essence of class is sure to clearly conveys its message, a little shorter hemline never fails to sing SEXY. Think of the countless female pop stars of the modern era whose own sense of style bends this direction. You don’t need to be standing on a stage before a sea of wild fans for this approach to have an effect. Ask just about any available man of your acquaintance, the majority will offer the same opinion.


Considering casual? Spring for the heels. Although short and sweet is has continued to hold it’s place of honor as the decades pass, long and leggy is just as wicked. Just the trick for a little extra zing to whatever sleek style you’ve decided to portray, the little kick of color can be just the thing to offset the overall appeal. Not to mention, a few extra inches often make the good night kiss much more enticing.


Already taking far too much time to affect the perfect shine? Don’t despair just yet. Snap on your mama’s little silver wristlet. If bracelet don’t quite fit your fling, reach for a pretty green pendant. When all else fails  the tiny trace of shine these feminine treasure’s reflect as you languish beneath the restaurant lights are the ideal final touch- even if you’re already glowing.


No matter what tint your passion takes, never forget that special warmth that flows from within is enough to brighten up any ballroom!