Thursday, December 26, 2019

Making The Old New Again

With the Holiday winding down, my attention can finally revert to those tasks standing right in front of me. Most enticing of these is the old antique table which, as a result of the chaos, was forced to sit in my living room for over a week. That said, who can go wrong for fifty dollars? Sure the piece needs some work, which in turn equates to time. It is just my feeling but if you can salvage those precious seconds, the result never fails to be worth it! In this case, the patient is a redwood coffee table inlaid with yellow leather and gold filigree. It goes without saying, the piece has seen better days. That's where crazy people like me come in. If like me, you enjoy burning away precious minutes to restore these, once glistening pieces to their glory, you will enjoy the link below:

It goes without saying some people would call me crazy. I suppose my love of all things old is interconnected to the knowledge that similar items surrounded many of the characters I often write about. The opportunity to visualize in reality what I experience through books brings those characters and their worlds closer to home. That said, unless you're a millionaire with money to burn the only way to accrue these keepsakes is to find those pieces which have been neglected and dismissed. One man's trash and another man's treasure.  The chance to restore these beautiful items never fails to excite me. I don't deny it's a lesson in patience, especially if the piece is exceptionally deteriorated like the one I am currently working on is. I look forward to sharing pictures of the finished product to my Facebook page. Not to say it will be in the near future. Much like reading or writing a book, the process seems endless so long as it is going, but the end often comes far too soon. Since both my latest book and my side project are both under construction, I hope you will enjoy this for the time being.