Monday, November 9, 2015


Hello Everyone,

 I hope you are all having as wonderful a season as I am! I don't dare risk calling it Winter yet, though I'm sure it is, in some places. My poor relatives in Minnesota when I call Forty degrees cold. I realize now just how much I take that for granted. Here in Moab we have the luxury of not shoveling our drive just to get out the door. This weekend was an especially wonderful one for me. This year, I was privileged enough to get to write the biographies for the musical artist who played at this years Moab Folk Festival. As a result I spent my weekend witnessing the various musicians performances in person. This is a very unique experience for me seeing as I usually writer fiction. To be able to experience first hand those people who I wrote about was an incredible experience. I will admit, I did get a tear in my eye once or twice throughout the performances- but only out of happiness! As much as I loved watching the artists perform, I enjoyed just as much being around other writers and artists. All these wonderful people are what made the experience so special. I am officially exhausted, but it was definitely worth it. I would like to think each one of you has a memory you hold close, that can make you smile with an equally bright glow, even on the darkest days.

Best wishes,

-Adrienne Davenport