Thursday, September 5, 2019

Castle or Prison

It puts life in a little perspective when you stop to consider what life is like when viewed through the eyes of each unique individual. Mary Boleyn, Marie Antoinette, Veronica Franco are all perfect examples of this fact. Gorgeous and talented women who appeared to live a luxurious existence, they in truth carried the weight of intimate burdens. Of course, this was never evident to the passer-by.  Professionals of their trade, these women managed to appear seductive goddesses first and foremost. By use of this technique, they often infiltrated the most cultured social circles of their time. A beautiful lifestyle, to say the least. Such opulence did not come without a price. In exchange for the vast freedoms they were afforded they often sacrificed their dreams, their honor, and their very privacy. Marie Antoniette with her glittering jewels and lavish gowns is a prime example of this ruse.
One of the most envied women of her time, her life ended in execution.
Of course one could argue that to some degree anyway, the path these women chose was well worth the cost. Unlike the naive young missses and socially restrained wives of their time, they were allowed to step far outside the lines and no one would stop to wonder. It went without saying marriage was not in the cards. When one stops to consider the tight restrictions that imprisoned most of the women of their time, the disgraceful lifestyle these courtesans lead seems in it's way well worth the sacrifice. Given the option, which would you choose- the glistening, albeit disfavored freedoms of the courtesans or the dull honor that followed the rest of the female society of 18th and 19th century Europe? Honor or pleasure- it all seems like a matter of perspective. For more information on the courtesans of historical Europe try this link: