Friday, October 19, 2018

All In Perspective

At one point 10,000 words seemed like a lot! Now, looking back on that, it's amazing how much has changed. Near the end of last week, I finally hit that mark with my current work. I will admit I was thrilled, but that is more because I now see this as a solid starting point rather than a finish line.

In that time so much has changed and been rearranged within the plotline itself. The process of keeping up with the flow of the story is an adventure in itself!

My biggest goal, to add a few extra layers to the story, appears to be nicely materializing. This, of course, makes the process a little more complex, but it's been worth every second! As soon as I draw closer to the finish line I will be sure to share a glimpse.

For now, happy reading,

Adrienne Davenport