Monday, September 21, 2015

Falling into Fall

Hello everyone,

  Summer is moving along quickly and now with Fall on the rise my schedule has again balanced out- at least to some degree. With school well under way, I don't have my crazy eight year old son around to keep me entertained. A one person show, he is as engaging as he is distracting! As a result it has taken a little more grinding focus then usual however I finally have the first few paragraphs of my next work down on paper! Of course, it didn't help that three ideas were competing for the place of this work. After some serious time battling with my own creative nature I settled on a historical romance with a dangerous twist to it. Though I have already promised my son I would tag along on his class's field trip to Island In The Sky I can honestly say it is a far cry from torture. Moab as a whole is a unique and magical area and a wonderful place to live. No doubt, by the time we return tomorrow afternoon I will more likely then not have invented one more exciting twist for my literary adventure as well!

I hope you are all enjoying the changing scenery as much as I am!

-Adrienne Davenport