Friday, June 26, 2020

5 Marketing Tips To Keep Your Book Moving Past The Starting Line

Every author knows when you first decide to write a book the process often seems pretty clear cut. Only later, after you've had a little time to delve into the steps, do you realize just how much is actually involved. When the full impact hits this can often seem very overwhelming. As important as writing a book is the matter of marketing. Without the notoriety to keep it going even the best book will fall short. I know this sounds scary but in reality it's not as daunting a task as it may appear. That said, here are a few tips to get you moving in the right direction:

  1. Newsletters
When used correctly, newsletters are often one of the best methods for reaching a large amount of readers. In this case, the most difficult part is accumulating subscribers. Start by adding a sign up box to your webpage. For this task many options are available. I personally prefer Mailchimp. They offer free services up to 2,000 subscribers along with plenty of very helpful bonuses. A pop up is very useful in drawing attention and simple to implement when using one of these apps. Don't forget as important as grabbing a person's attention is keeping it. The old saying, "You get what you give" is true enough. Give your viewers a reason to sign up. For example offer a free chapter of your book, or the opportunity to receive writing tips once they subscribe. Are you selling an ebook? Add a link to the back of your book. Any opportunity to promote should never be missed.

  2. Social Media
In the current age of electronics social media is a prime chance to reach readers. Some of the most popular, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are all perfect opportunities to share your work. If you don't already have an account with these sites, I would suggest getting one. Kick-start your campaign by posting pictures of your cover prior to your launch date or hold a giveaway to keep sales moving. While you're at it, consider looking into the paid ads offered by Facebook. Depending on your budget this could be well worth looking into.
  3. KDP Kindle Direct Publishing 
Far more common a practice then it once was, self-publishing does have it's benefits for the starting author. Take a look at Amazon's publishing service. A very clear cut process, it also offers promotional advantages to the author so long as they agree to allow Amazon sole right to sell their book for a minimum of 90 days. At this point the author can choose to opt out of this promotional package and begin selling through multiple sources such as Kobo and Overdrive. Alternately, if the service is working to their satisfaction, they can continue for another 90 days. This can be a good starting point for an author lacking in experience.

 4. Youtube
If you're willing to take the time book trailers, not much different then movie trailers, can be a great way to help potential readers connect to your book. It can be a great pre-launch strategy to create awareness of your upcoming release.  You can also use this as a nice tactic to keep the book moving once it has been on the market simply by slapping it on Facebook or another social media site. Want to keep the traffic moving a little more? Place a link to your author page on your Youtube account. This makes it easier for the fascinated viewer to connect to the product.

5. Author Webpage
It goes without saying every author has a website dedicated as much to themselves as to their product. As an author your are your own brand. Your personality is as much a part of this as the books you sell. Try to use a color scheme that expresses your genre and your personality. By doing this you can help your readers connect with you. If a person likes the author they are far more likely to buy their books. While you're at it, link your page to your social media sites, provide a short bio. to read, and as mentioned before encourage these readers to sign up for your newsletter. An author's webpage is one of their key assets. As such it should be used to their best advantage.

To all of you who love writing as much as I do, I hope I was able to help kick-start you a little. Best of luck in your future endeavors!