Monday, November 4, 2013

The Waiting Game

Hello everyone,
                        Thanks for reading. I'm trying to get everything in even key so I may have a little bit of time between posts. Sorry about that. I'm still working on that third book. All polished but I am at that evil middle stage waiting for everything to fall into place. In the meanwhile I am working on a new contemporary, Goodnight, Manhattan Boulevard. I think I communicate a lot better with this girl. Ellie is a beautiful actress who had it going good for awhile but due to some really bad luck she now finds herself the fine owner of a lovely flower shop located on the edge of Hollywood. And to top it all off, the number one suspect in a bad murder case. Whether it be good or not in the event of being interrogated she meets up with a really sexy investigator.

Just short of going crazy over all this waiting, these characters have kept me in line. I will keep you up on the events and if I hear any news i'll certainly let you know. I'm working on a book trailer for Almost Wonderful right now. It is nearly finished but I don't really want to post it until I have everything confirmed. I apologize for the endless time period. Thanks for all your patience. Have a good November! I would love to hear from you!

-Adrienne Davenport

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