Thursday, November 14, 2013

For Awhile

Hello friends!

                   In the process of writing I often feel like I'm going two directions. I suppose that's why I have two hands. I am now working on a fourth book. A contemporary romance based in California, it has been a lot of fun to write so far. Though it most certainly has taken quite a bit of research it has also been much easier to connect with my characters on a deeper level. I am excited to get going with this and while I work with my third novel it has given me something more to focus on. I enjoy the more in depth concept and I love the chance it's given me to learn things about California that I otherwise, never would have known. The entire state is so beautiful, it's very easy to understand why anyone would want to live there, even if they are prone to chaotic weather. As a young actress, just starting out, Ellie Scott, one of my main characters has been really interesting to work with. She is far more fiery then the main character in my previous book. Though I had intended to have the main female character in my prior book be a little on the softer side, I also didn't enjoy working with her nearly as much as I do with lively women such as Ellie. I certainly couldn't see the two being best pals in any situation, that's for sure! Either way, both Ariel and Ellie have made for great personal entertainment. I will never argue, they keep me going fast on a daily basis!

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