Friday, July 24, 2020

"Miracles In The Making" New Name, New Beginning

Hi everyone,
The last few months have been a long run, however I am thrilled to stay I have finally reached a fresh beginning! Not long after the publisher I was working with closed their doors for the last time we began the extended process of refinishing our home. The timing by itself wasn't perfect to say the least however, what started as an unfortunate event will end up being a wonderful turning point! For instance, since I first began writing professionally I have desired to work with a larger company. I understood from the beginning this was a far-reaching aspiration- at least until the rights to my books were returned to me. Even so, I am grateful to Eternal Press for their role in opening the first door to the beautiful world that is professional writing and I am very sorry to see they could not continue with their own goals. This occurrence has, for me at least, been a blessing in disguise. 

As with all businesses that rely on public identity and customer reach, once the cord is shortened or cut is is much more difficult to lengthen it. I have made a concerted effort to keep this cord from being completely cut, nonetheless I find myself standing on the precipice of another adventure. In honor of this wonderful occasion I have chosen to release my book, Miracles In The Making under the name Miracles Beneath The Mistletoe. I plan for this release to take place around Christmas of this year. To Celebrate I have designed three covers from which to choose. At this point I am not entirely certain which of these will become the official cover. In this regard, I ask you, my readers, to offer your opinions which I respect immensely. I have posted each of these images below for your observation. I would greatly appreciate your input on this topic. If you would like a free copy of the opening chapter send your response to my email: under the heading "Choice Cover" so I know where to send your copy. If you prefer, please leave your opinion on my Facebook or Twitter page both of which I have attached the links to:

As soon as this decision is settled I will post the winning cover to both of these pages as well as my Instagram and Pinterest accounts. As the release date for Miracle Beneath The Mistletoe grows closer I will be holding a virtual book launch to celebrate. This date, which has not yet been settled, will be announced on both Twitter and Facebook. I will also post this and any other correlating information to my official page: I look forward to hearing from you.

Sending my love,

Adrienne Davenport

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