Thursday, October 24, 2019

The Ideal Reading Corner

Through the ages, when people envision an avid reader, they're visuals have generally shared many cliche features- a voracious bookworm, curled up in a cozy corner, deeply immersed in their favorite book. For most of us, however, this charming image isn't an ideal portrayal. Though it's true, we all have our perfect catacomb to curl up in, what is truly comfortable differs greatly for all of us. Perhaps your idea of heaven is a soft cushion situated near a blazing fire or perhaps it's a lounge chair with the hot sun beating down on you. Personally, I have always favored a large Papasan Chair positioned in an open corner of a room where I can simultaneously sink into my book and still be privy to any activity that arises. Here are a few of the more popular options to get you started:

With its well-rounded shape, the Papasan Chair provides excellent back supper while creating a comfy hollow to curl up in. Most of these handy accent chairs are easily adjustable making it easy to find your ideal position.

Though it may come as a bit of a surprise to some, many would tell you that a small, plush sofa with a cushy arm to lean against is their ideal vision for a reading corner. Considering the space these customary livingroom furnishings provide, not to mention the multitude of positions one can relax in this isn't too difficult to believe.

Simple by design, a large bean bag has survived through ages as one of the most popular types of chairs. Easy to sink into, a large bean bag will form to your preferred position, creating a comfortable burrow that fits your body, making it easy to lose yourself in your favorite book.

With a chair like this, who needs to bother with a bed. This casual chaise lounge chair has great back support and a nice roll bottom to dangle your feet over while you relax.

For the multitudes of us that are partial to a cozy corner to curl your feet under you, this chair is the way to go. Its large seat allows you to tuck your feet comfortably beneath you while it's plush back cushions provide a nice back to lean against. With a chair like this who would ever go with a regular recliner?

For those of you who prefer a little fresh air to go with your downtime, here is the perfect solution. This padded swing allows you to enjoy nature without sacrificing the comfort that is usually more common for indoor furnishings. Add to it the gentle swaying rhythm- if you want it- and you have a soothing background to unwind.

Everyone has different preferences. How do you prefer to relish your books and downtime?

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