Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Ideal Imperfections

When a writer sets out to design the ideal hero or heroine, they often begin with a vision of a tall, dark, and handsome millionaire or a masculine knight in shining armour. At the end of the day, however this glorified lady-killer isn't entirely what we usually end up with. Just as important as Casanova's perfects are his faults. A fact commonly overlooked by the broader audience. Without these flaws however big or small they might be our hero would be too perfect- or to put it plainly, downright boring. Though this may come as a surprise to some, these faults play a strong role in creating the strong, dashing, dreamboat we often imagine ourselves standing beside or sitting across from at dinner. Human nature in itself is a far reach from perfection. For some our short-coming is a streak of stubbornness for others it is a lack of self-confidence, or perhaps a dash of arrogance. By themselves these traits may seem debilitating, before you jump to this conclusion however stop to consider, as much as that stubbornness causes dissension, it also might be the very catalyst that drove prince charming to amass his riches. Perhaps that lack of confidence drew our heroine to take a job at the firm where Mr. Millionaire reigned rather then accept a higher position and in doing meet her hero. That arrogance, so frequently held in contempt might be the very trait that drew him to a woman with as strong a personality as he himself possesses.
Take the classic plot of "Kate and Leopold". A prime example of this concept, the story begins with Kate's over-obsessive ex-boyfriend, Stuart taking a stroll in the past. Were it not for his extreme obsession Stuart never would have found the crack in time, hence halting the rest of the plot. Leopold, the dashing hero of the story, was undeniably handsome. If you stop to take a closer look however, he was also overconfident and obstinate. These key features frustrated his uncle and served to create an enjoyable subplot- not to mention helped to determined the film's romantic ending.
It goes without saying, when we close our eyes and envision our ideal mate, obstinance isn't usually the first quality that comes to mind, but it is just as important as your dream lover's shining eyes and endless charm. It may even become one of their most defining features. Take this into consideration the next time you go to pick up a pen and enjoy creating your Romeo.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

How to Keep Your Muse Smiling During Writer's Block

Just a warning, I intend to make this short and sweet. Recently life has taken on many different tracks simultaneously and it has been a little difficult to keep track of each of those paths. For some months now my family and I have been pushing to finish renovating our current home while developing a plan to move to an entirely new location once the renovation is finished. As a result, some of my undertakings have had to be placed on a temporary hold. I have nonetheless kept after the ever-driving battle to remain connected with my precious writing. Each day I spare a few moments to study my writing and stay on track so when I can resume my work I will not be lost. I suffered this loss once before and was forced to completely restart my novel.

Such is the main purpose of this post. No doubt some of you have suffered similar travesties. It is easy enough to understand the frustration that goes with this quandary. There are ways to avoid the permanent damage that forces us to erase weeks and, on occasion, months, of hard work and valuable time. No to mention the strain of cutting that emotional connection every writer feels to their masterpiece. Start by setting aside a small piece of your schedule, no matter how small, to at least review your current piece. Even if you cannot find the time to add to your work, the act of reviewing will help you to keep a small connection. Also, keep notes- a lot of notes. These will be your life-blood in the long run. All of us understand the tiniest details count. Last, but certainly not least, read books of the same genre. Not only will this relax you in those times you need it most it will also help keep your juices flowing. 

I hope I have been able to help you through your troubles!

Best wishes,


Sunday, February 23, 2020

Tips On Writing the Ideal Love Scene

If you are reading this, you've doubtlessly spent hours either pining away before the pages of a dreamy romance novel or dreaming up one of your own. If you would rather write one, you will already know that those steamy scenes epitomize the core of this unique genre. Without the quirks and values of love, it just wouldn't be romance. Ever wonder what it takes to write one of these entrancing scenes? If so here are a few tips to help you along:
1. Know Your Characters
Use those traits which are special to each of your characters to highlight their similarities and differences. This spices up any situation. Conflict turns up the heat.

2. Stay In Tune With Your Characters Surroundings
Stay connected with your characters surrounding every little detail counts. Adding touches of surrounding description to a scene adds color and keeps readers connected to the storyline. Describe the color of the leaves. Are they inside in the ballroom or outside in the arbor? Every detail counts.

3. Avoid Cheesy Cliches
Cynical romance readers are easier to come by these days. They will be very grateful to you for avoiding these worn-out lines and far more likely to read more of your books.

4. Turn Up The Heat With Conflict
It may sound crazy to some, but conflict turns up the heat in more than one way- and often simultaneously. Conflict often stems from inner insecurities. Used correctly, this vibrates through the entire scene. For every action is a reaction. This is the key point of this tactic. If your heroine is afraid she might either turn to the hero for security or further rebel against him.

5. Write As If You're In Your Character's Skin
Look through your character's eyes. This sounds like it would be easier said than done but it's not that difficult. Take a moment to relax and, if need, separate yourself from the storyline. Take a minute and view the situation through their eyes as you would if they were your best friend in need of your assistance and you were trying to see their problem in first-person.

Keep watching for further tips. Best of luck writing!


Thursday, January 30, 2020

The Magic of Fashion

Though I'm not always successful, I try to be punctual about picking up my son from school. It goes without saying if you don't arrive ten minutes before the bell rings it is impossible to get a decent parking spot. On countless occasions, I have found myself leaning back in the driver's seat and watching the students milling out of the school as I wait. All too frequently I feel as though I have taken one step forward and two steps back through time. Most days girls can be seen strolling around in tattered jeans and loud patterns, not so unlike was the case in the 60s. When I first saw this feisty display the visual of my dad, only days earlier, warning me he should be saving all his old work jeans flashed through my head, causing an absent grin to flash across my face. It never ceases to amaze me how, fashion, in its way is one of the most accurate timelines we have at our disposal.
To think there was a point, not so very long ago when a young woman would have been crucified for wearing such bold apparel. Whether they had it right or wrong all depends on who you talk to. The fact remains the common trend in the early part of the 1900s was a world apart from clothing today. 
Far more graceful and serene a presentation, these ladies were seen as symbols of eloquence. 
Within twenty years this concept had undergone a drastic change. No longer the image of perfection and innocence, these girls had discovered the "wild side". Often referred to as "Swingers" this shift towards the glamorous shows in their apparel. The sequins glimmered and the pearls glowed.

By the time 1950 rolled the baby boom was in full motion and the suburbs were overflowing. The commonplace to find a woman was leaning over the stovetop or caring for one of the children. In time with this new rhythm, this change was reflected in the women's daily clothing. Trends became far more demure.

By the time 1960 rolled around those demure dresses had begun to disappear, replaced by tattered jeans and tight flashy tops. Such a shock wave to the fashion industry is difficult to ignore.
Now as I watch the young girls milling about in almost identical attire, I stare in awe at the ability of certain trends to rewind the years, pieces of the past that are permanently embedded in our world. Not beautiful gowns and graceful dresses, but torn jeans and casual shirts. I can't help but wonder, what is it about these certain trends that make them so powerful? Perhaps it is the easy swing they convey. One thing is clear- if you want to know the people of a certain point in history look first to the fashion of the era.


Adrienne Davenport

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Making The Old New Again

With the Holiday winding down, my attention can finally revert to those tasks standing right in front of me. Most enticing of these is the old antique table which, as a result of the chaos, was forced to sit in my living room for over a week. That said, who can go wrong for fifty dollars? Sure the piece needs some work, which in turn equates to time. It is just my feeling but if you can salvage those precious seconds, the result never fails to be worth it! In this case, the patient is a redwood coffee table inlaid with yellow leather and gold filigree. It goes without saying, the piece has seen better days. That's where crazy people like me come in. If like me, you enjoy burning away precious minutes to restore these, once glistening pieces to their glory, you will enjoy the link below:

It goes without saying some people would call me crazy. I suppose my love of all things old is interconnected to the knowledge that similar items surrounded many of the characters I often write about. The opportunity to visualize in reality what I experience through books brings those characters and their worlds closer to home. That said, unless you're a millionaire with money to burn the only way to accrue these keepsakes is to find those pieces which have been neglected and dismissed. One man's trash and another man's treasure.  The chance to restore these beautiful items never fails to excite me. I don't deny it's a lesson in patience, especially if the piece is exceptionally deteriorated like the one I am currently working on is. I look forward to sharing pictures of the finished product to my Facebook page. Not to say it will be in the near future. Much like reading or writing a book, the process seems endless so long as it is going, but the end often comes far too soon. Since both my latest book and my side project are both under construction, I hope you will enjoy this for the time being.


Friday, November 29, 2019

A Little Holiday Cheer!

Hopefully everybody had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Now, with Christmas just around the corner, most of us can continue to race around like a chicken with its head cut off.  I know I will. The craziest part about it is I actually enjoy it a little. Sure, the added tasks do, sometimes, cram my days but the end result is always worth it! As one of those holiday nuts who love to savor every possible moment, I don't mind the rush. This jovial whirlpool inevitably includes baking. For all of you holiday fanatics who revel in these times as much as I do, here is something that will hopefully add a little extra flavor to your Christmas:

Easy And Fun Holiday Dessert Recipes


Happy Holidays everyone!
-Adrienne Davenport

Thursday, October 24, 2019

The Ideal Reading Corner

Through the ages, when people envision an avid reader, they're visuals have generally shared many cliche features- a voracious bookworm, curled up in a cozy corner, deeply immersed in their favorite book. For most of us, however, this charming image isn't an ideal portrayal. Though it's true, we all have our perfect catacomb to curl up in, what is truly comfortable differs greatly for all of us. Perhaps your idea of heaven is a soft cushion situated near a blazing fire or perhaps it's a lounge chair with the hot sun beating down on you. Personally, I have always favored a large Papasan Chair positioned in an open corner of a room where I can simultaneously sink into my book and still be privy to any activity that arises. Here are a few of the more popular options to get you started:

With its well-rounded shape, the Papasan Chair provides excellent back supper while creating a comfy hollow to curl up in. Most of these handy accent chairs are easily adjustable making it easy to find your ideal position.

Though it may come as a bit of a surprise to some, many would tell you that a small, plush sofa with a cushy arm to lean against is their ideal vision for a reading corner. Considering the space these customary livingroom furnishings provide, not to mention the multitude of positions one can relax in this isn't too difficult to believe.

Simple by design, a large bean bag has survived through ages as one of the most popular types of chairs. Easy to sink into, a large bean bag will form to your preferred position, creating a comfortable burrow that fits your body, making it easy to lose yourself in your favorite book.

With a chair like this, who needs to bother with a bed. This casual chaise lounge chair has great back support and a nice roll bottom to dangle your feet over while you relax.

For the multitudes of us that are partial to a cozy corner to curl your feet under you, this chair is the way to go. Its large seat allows you to tuck your feet comfortably beneath you while it's plush back cushions provide a nice back to lean against. With a chair like this who would ever go with a regular recliner?

For those of you who prefer a little fresh air to go with your downtime, here is the perfect solution. This padded swing allows you to enjoy nature without sacrificing the comfort that is usually more common for indoor furnishings. Add to it the gentle swaying rhythm- if you want it- and you have a soothing background to unwind.

Everyone has different preferences. How do you prefer to relish your books and downtime?